Friday 25 January 2013

How to instal micromax data card in windows 7 and windows 8 ?

                                         The Micromax data Card  can be easily installed in  Windows7/Windows 8 in the bases of compatibility mode of windows ,
  • Open the Micromax data card installer (install.exe ) and right click ,and go to properties->compatibility->Compatibility mode -> choose Windows vista->also click Privilege level.
  • and install it .and enjoy browsing with Micromax data card !!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have any doubt or issues in this, plz let us know.
We'll help you to overcome it.


  1. thanks for u comments :-) @john smith

  2. Recently, I went to service center and upgraded my dongle MMX353G USB Manager version 5.562 (Old) to version 5.581 (New) as it was working in Windows XP, but not in Windows 7. It was showing "Dial failed, do you want to retry?)" in Windows 7.

    After upgrading, things became worse. Even after doing all the instructions you gave and also instructions from others, it is not connecting.

    Now, in Windows 7, every 5 seconds it is showing up to install and again disconnecting on its own. Somehow I got it installed, but now it is showing "No device"

    It is working fine on Windows XP. Please don't tell me to reinstall it. I have done that for so many times and in different ways.

  3. is the service centre run by Micromax dealer or a localSC??

    it seems that device s/w has corrupted. download the latest driver & application for micromax site or get from another device & re install the application. to uninstall the existing app use UnInstallers & run registry cleanners such as Ccleaner. This may work...


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