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Thursday 7 November 2013

MAX7219 7 Seg LED interfacing with AVR ATMEGA 8/16/32/328

        In previous post, we have seen in detail about MAX7219 & its registers and how to configure it. Now here we present an example of using MAX7219 with 7 segment LED interfacing with AVR ATmega family microcontroller.


  Shuts down or normals the Display (DON/DOFF)   MX7219_shutdown(sd)  
  Test the display or normal operation (NORM/TEST) MX7219_display_test(dt)
  Sets the Digit Brightness value (0x01 to 0x0F) MX7219_set_brightness(brightness)

  Set scan limit MX7219_set_scanupto(digit)

  Decode settings MX7219_set_decode(de)
        de -> NONE=0x00,  D0=0x01,  D0-D3=0x0F,  D0-D7=0xFF
  DECODE NONE MX7219_set_decode_NONE()

  Clear all 8 segments MX7219_clear_disp()
  Blanks all 8 segments MX7219_blank_bcd_disp()
  Display a BCD digit MX7219_dispbcd(pos,dat)
  Display a Matrix MX7219_disp_matrix(mat,size,st)
  Initialize 7219 MAX7219_init()

Here is the circuit diagram interfacing AVR ATmega8 with MAX7219 to 7 Seg LED

The Proteus simulation output for the project is shown below,

Click here to download the AVR Project file with C code & MAX7219 Header file.

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