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Monday 27 May 2013

CGPA CALC Android Apps Developed by Elecdude.com


(Simple Andorid apps for CGPA/SGPA for 6 subjects)

   It is Simple Android apps  developed by Elecdude.com,  It performs  six subjects based CGPA/ SGPA calculator
  To calulate CGPA  enter SPGA in "grade point" tab & sum of a sem's credits in "Credit point" tab & click Calculate......

Viewers  comments are encouraged. 
This helps us to much more.
Thank you!!!

Thursday 9 May 2013

DipTrace - Download - Tutorial - FREE PCB DESIGN SOFTWARE

DipTrace - Download - Tutorial 

DipTrace is a complete state-of-the-art PCB Design System. It has auto-routing facility, user friendly library creation, 3D preview of the PCB board. It supports upto 6 layers.

Monday 6 May 2013


          Typical SPICE model files for each future generation are available in ptm.asu.edu/latest.html
          We are providing link to the source site. It is the user's responsibility to read & agree ptm.asu.edu's license agreement before downloading.

PTM releases a new set of models for high-performance applications (PTM HP), incorporating high-k/metal gate and stress effect. 
  • 32nm PTM HP model
  • 45nm PTM HP model
PTM releases a new version for sub-45nm bulk CMOS, providing new modeling features of metal gate/high-k, gate leakage, temperature effect, and body bias.
  • 32nm PTM model for metal gate/high-k CMOS
  • 45nm PTM model for metal gate/high-k CMOS
PTM extends the effort to post-Si devices. The first release is for carbon nano-tube FET (CNT-FET). 
  • Verilog-A based model card for CNT-FET
PTM for bulk CMOS is released, for 22nm node.  
  • 22nm BSIM4 model card for bulk CMOS
A new generation of PTM for bulk CMOS is released, for 130nm to 32nm nodes. It captures the latest technology advances and achieves better scalability and continuity across technology nodes.  
  • 32nm BSIM4 model card for bulk CMOS
  • 45nm BSIM4 model card for bulk CMOS
  • 65nm BSIM4 model card for bulk CMOS
  • 90nm BSIM4 model card for bulk CMOS
  • 130nm BSIM4 model card for bulk CMOS
  • 180nm BSIM3 model card for bulk CMOS

  • S. Sinha, G. Yeric, V. Chandra, B. Cline, Y. Cao, "Exploring sub-20nm FinFET design with predictive technology models," to be published at DAC, 2012.
  • A. Balijepalli, S. Sinha, Y. Cao, "Compact modeling of carbon nanotube transistor for early stage process-design exploration," ISLPED, pp. 2-7, 2007.
  • W. Zhao, Y. Cao, "New generation of Predictive Technology Model for sub-45nm early design exploration," IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, vol. 53, no. 11, pp. 2816-2823, November 2006.
  • Y. Cao, T. Sato, D. Sylvester, M. Orshansky, C. Hu, "New paradigm of predictive MOSFET and interconnect modeling for early circuit design," pp. 201-204, CICC, 2000.

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