Tuesday 6 August 2013

Typical Bipolar Transistors

Typical Bipolar Transistors


  • AC127

    Germanium audio output transistor - found in vintage radios, and in some more modern circuits where sensitivity to heat is required.
  • BF318

    Silicon Video amplifier transistor uses a collector/emitter voltage (VCE) of about 150V and will amplify frequencies up to 80MHz
  • BU208A

    Silicon output transistor used in TVs and large screen monitors. Can deliver high power and withstand pulse VCE voltages of about 1000V. The metal case (normally bolted to a heat sink) is the collector connection.
  • BD124

    Silicon TV output transistor with a lower power rating.
  • BC108

    General purpose Silicon voltage amplifier transistor, the silver case with a small tab to identify the emitter connection is a standard TO39 package.
  • BD 131

    Silicon audio NPN output transistor in a TO26 package for mounting on a suitable heat sink, will dissipate 15W and is often used as part of a push-pull pair with a matched BD132 PNP transistor.



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