Thursday 14 August 2014

Renesas eclipse embedded studio

Renesas eclipse embedded studio, known as e² studio, is a complete development and debug environment based on the popular Eclipse CDT project. Essentially open source, the Eclipse CDT covers build (editor, compiler and linker control) as well as debug phase based on an extended GDB interface


Memory Usage
Visual Expressions
Integrated Code Generation
Eclipse CDT Editor

Target Devices

e² studio has been developed to support the key promotion families of Renesas controllers:
  • RL78 Family
  • RX Family
  • RH850 Family*
  • SuperH Family (SH-2 and SH-2A)
As new devices are released from Renesas, e² studio can easily be updated to add the necessary support files and debugger extensions.
* Note, The working sample for RH850 is supported. (Debug support only)

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