Wednesday 23 April 2014


          Electronics has much more complex calculations than basic maths. More tools are available for these electronics calculation but they are mostly windows or linux based application.

          Android, an opensource smartphone OS, enables anyone to design an app for it. So it is easy for any common person who knows the electronics & basic programming can build an app.

          Lets see the commonly available free Android apps for Electronic designs, such as ohm’s law, KCL, KVL, resistor colour code calculations, series-parallel calculations, etc,etc,etc,,,,

·         Ohm's Law
Ohm's law calculator and the Watt's Law calculator.

·         Electronics Toolkit
Electronic tool kit calculates unknown quantities in the field of electrical and electronics engineering. It provides a resistor color code, power calculator, and Ohm’s Law, Series, Parallel, and Series/Parallel combination of inductors, capacitor and resistors, resistivity, Power factor triangle, i.e. active, reactive and apparent, magnetic fields, reactances and much more.

·         Every Circuit
    This is another recommended android Smartphones app for electrical and especially for electronics engineers and students. EveryCircuit app lets you understand that how do design different important electronic circuits and how they work.
     This app is handy in circuit like Logic gate, LED flashing
circuits, Resistive, inductive, capacitive, operational amplifier and other electrical & electronics circuits and can view dynamic charge, current and voltage colorful animations with waveforms.

·         DroidTesla
DroidTesla is a simple SPICE tool. Its permit you to solve, simulate and analyze different electrical and electronic circuits by using KCL and KVL. It has the ability to solve both linear and nonlinear circuits like resistive, capacitive, inductive and BJT, Transistor, Diode, AC/DC Voltage and Current sources, 555, MOSFETS, Logic gate and lots more…

·         ElectroDroid
ElectroDroid is a simple and powerful collection of electronics tools and references. It has a variety of tools & calculators, pin description, SMD details, etc,etc. This app is also available in pro version which can be bought from the Play store. Pro version supports the developer, unlocks more features and contains no ads.

·         Electrical calculations
It has the ability to identify the unknown values of different quantities of electrical and electronics circuits. There are lots of electrical calculators available in this app at once.

·         Electrical LV Calculator
It allows to design electrical system which reduces the reactive power, that is it improve power factor, the maximum allowable power installation, calculates current in a short circuit, Voltage drop, the automatic switch current in A, calculate the minimum and maximum cable and wire size, calculate the number of earth electrodes and earth resistance etc

·         Electrical Engineering
This app contains 3 of the most useful Electronic tools, the electrical calculator, the Electrical circuit calculator and the Electrical formulas. It also provides you a list of few electronics resources and ebooks that can be bought through the app.


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