Wednesday 28 March 2012

DSP Related Websites - Materials

DSP Related Websites - Materials

The best way to learn digital signal processing (DSP) depends on your goals and background.  Why is this?
  • DSP includes many different topics, such as:
    • digital filters
    • analysis of signals and systems (especially in terms of frequency)
    • synthesis of signals
    • detection of signals and estimation of signal and system parameters
    • data compression
    • and on and on ...
  • DSP is the intersection of a number of different areas of study:
    • mathematics
    • electrical engineering
      • signals and systems
      • analog circuit theory
      • computer architecture, (and more)
    • probability and statistics
    • computer programming
    • and others
  • Implementing DSP, especially in real-time, is generally treated separately from the theory, so much so it can seem like a field entirely separate from DSP.


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